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Go to Registration Quick Links - Pictures
The first picture tells you the types of memberships NTR offers
If you are returning to club then click on the middle picture that takes you to the
webpoint log in
If you are new to club then click on the New Member Registration Picture - top
row, far right.  
You will need to fill out the form for your athlete.  
It will cost $45.00 and you will use a credit card.  
At the top right on second page there is a drop down box.  You need to choose
AAA Volleyball Club

Scorekeeping (North Texas Region) on demand course:
Login to Webpoint from the website

There will be a drop down that will list lots of choices.  
Choose Region Ref/Score Clinics
The are 2 (ONLINE, TX) clinics listed.  
One is the scorer Clinic and the other one listed is for the R2 Clinic (have to be 19
to take this course)
Click on the Register Now wording and follow instructions (It will cost $6.00 and
you have to pay with credit card)